This year we are planning an in-person Vacation Bible School experience!!! Our first large in person gathering on campus! As you can well imagine, this will require many volunteers.  Vacation Bible School would be great volunteer opportunity for all those who love their faith and love children.

Vacation Bible School will be the week of June 21-25 from 9:30 am-12:30 pm. Here's a quick walk through.  We gather as a whole group (around 150 children in total) to begin each day. We have an opening skit, talk or song and then split into smaller groups.  Each group will then rotate through daily stations. We end each day with another whole group gathering and then the children are dismissed. Here are some descriptions of the various help we will need. 
Leadership Team - Organization and overall execution of the program. Ideally, we will have 2-3 of us so the workload will be very manageable. We have the program already and a blueprint to follow.
Station Leaders - Crafts, Games, Music, Bible Stories, etc.- You are responsible for managing one of the stations. Volunteers and materials will be provided.
Group Leaders - You would lead a group of 5 kids of mixed ages through all the stations each day.  You will help them as needed and ensure their safety.  You may have a teen helper as well.
Registration - Help with check in each day
Decorations -Enjoy beautifying a space?!  We could use your artistic skills!!!  We will need some decorations in Archangel Hall.
Set up/clean up - Don't have time to help during the week but could be available prior or afterwards?  Let me know!  Many hands make light work!
Miscellaneous tasks - Willing to do some things at home?  Perhaps prepare decorations, craft assembly, etc. Let me know!!!
Questions? You can reach Karen Allen at [email protected].