5:00 pm
7:00 pm-Spanish Mass
Sunday: 7:15 am; 8:45 am; 10:30 am; 12:15 pm
2:00 pm-Spanish Mass
  6:00 pm
  8:45 am; 10:30 am - Green Hope High School
Daily Mass:
7:00 am, 8:30 am
Monday - Friday
1st Saturday: 7:00 am

1st Friday Adoration

9:30 am - 4:30 pm


3:00 - 4:00 pm Saturday


"I give you a new commandment: Love
one another just as I have loved you.
It is by your love for one another, that
everyone will recognize you as my
disciples." (John 13:34-35)
Saint Michael the Archangel Roman Catholic Church is a worshipping
servant community dedicated to stewardship, social justice and ministering to our members and to the greater community in the image given to us by Jesus.
This ministry is centered around the sacraments and our acts of faith,
hope, and charity.



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    2014 Christmas Mass Schedule



Preschool logo 

Offering half-day preschool programs for children ages two through five years old.

Registration dates for the 2015-2016 school year are as follows:

January 20 – January 23       Students returning to St. Michael Preschool

January 26 – January 30       Parishioner Registration

February 2 – February 6       Public Registration.  Priority given to members of other catholic churches.

Information sessions for parents new to the program will be held
Monday-Wednesday, January 26-28, at 10:00 a.m. in the Trinity Center.

Fair Trade Festival A Huge Success!!

Hundreds of parishioners, friends, volunteers and Fair Trade partners attended the annual Fair Trade Festival at St. Michael on October 5, 2014. There was a wide array of consumer items provided by Fair Trade retailers and artisans from around the world and our local community. Attendees were able to shop in a relaxed environment while enjoying Larry’s coffee and snacks from SpicedCube.

Each of us is called to do our part as consumers to ensure that the economy works for everyone. Fair Trade creates opportunities for us to respond to this call in a small but significant way every day through the choices we make as consumers. When we make the conscious decision to purchase Fair Trade items, we are putting the values of Catholic Social Teaching into action, and working to realize our vision of economic justice.

Special thanks to Fr. Tom Fenlon, Global Fellow from Catholic Relief Services (CRS) for his participation, to Larry’s Coffee, our local CRS partner for donating the coffee we served, and to PIP Printing and SpiceCubed Catering for their generous support of this special event.

The 2014 Annual Stewardship Report is now available for your review online. Click here to access the full report. If you have any questions, contact Larry McAnallen, Stewardship Director at 919-468-6180 or email at

We’d like your current email address for our database!

This will allow the members of our parish the ability to access their family membership information online. 

Important Information about The Sacrament of Confirmation at St. Michael


St. Michael Parish Pastoral Vision Plan 2013-2016

Online Giving

Our parish now uses an Online Giving system called WeShare. This will allow you to make your donations without writing a check each week. You can set up a recurring weekly or monthly payment, allocate different amounts for our different collections, and view complete, accurate financial records at any time. It saves all of us time and is a win-win for our parish!

Those who wish to continue to use traditional methods of offering may do so, however, we ask that you prayerfully consider Online Giving. If you would like to enroll, please visit OR Click the Donate Now button. If you have any questions about the program or about setting up your account, don't hesitate to call our parish office at 919-468-6128 or 919-468-6132.

Automated Offering

Many people enjoy the modern convenience, safety and reliability of making automatic deposits or transactions through the automated banking system.  Now you can make weekly or monthly stewardship contributions through the St. Michael Automated Offering Plan.  Simply complete this form and we will do the rest.  It’s safe, easy and absolutely free.