Stewardship - Giving to St. Michael

Giving Our Time and Talent


Stewardship is a vital part of the Christian life. Please consider volunteering your time and talent to help make a difference in the lives of others.  Use this link to learn more about all of our ministries at St. Michael. -- "The Lord loves a cheerful giver!" (St. Paul)

You can see the many ways our parishioners choose to give their time and talent in the 2018 St. Michael Stewardship Report -- click here.

Giving Our Treasure

Online Giving - click here to donate now

St. Michael Parish offers an online giving service that provides many benefits for our parishioners. There's no need to write checks, you can give even when you are away from home, and you can easily specify the amount from wherever you are. You can access St. Michael's online giving service through this link.

Automated Giving

Many people enjoy the modern convenience, safety and reliability of making automatic deposits or transactions through the automated banking system. Now you can make weekly or monthly stewardship contributions through the St. Michael Automated Offering Plan. Simply complete this form and we will do the rest. It's safe, easy and absolutely free.


At St. Michael Catholic Church, many of our members choose to donate regularly using their offertory envelopes. We send those members envelopes for use every month and include envelopes for Holy days and special collections. Call us at (919) 468-6100 or drop by the parish office to register in the parish and request envelopes. 

Second Collections

St. Michael Catholic Church has many second collection opportunities throughout the year. If you are interested in taking advantage of supporting any of these worthy causes, please click here for a yearly schedule. To donate, you can give via envelope, basket (in church), or online here.

Catholic Steward Tuition Rate Criteria

St. Michael Catholic families seeking “Registered Catholic Steward” rate may complete our Parish Stewardship Form on line in order to potentially obtain the Catholic steward tuition rate designated for active parishioners. The on-line form can be found here.

  • Registered:  The family must be registered at least 3 months at St. Michael Catholic Church.
  • Active:  Active parishioners should attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.  In addition, they volunteer their time and talent with St. Michael Church ministries.
  • Contributing:  Parishioners should demonstrate financial support through identifiable offertory and/or Priest retirement contributions through envelopes, checks, or electronic giving (auto draft /online giving/text to give).  Cash gifts are identifiable only when they are submitted in the family’s offertory envelopes.