Stewardship - Giving to St. Michael

Giving Our Time and Talent


Stewardship is a vital part of the Christian life. Please consider volunteering your time and talent to help make a difference in the lives of others.  Use this link or click on the image above to learn more about all of our ministries at St. Michael. -- "The Lord loves a cheerful giver!" (St. Paul)

You can see the many ways our parishioners choose to give their time and talent in the 2018 St. Michael Stewardship Report -- click here.


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Online Giving  6q2svy4habyqfq80t5o7swsp4zl.png

St. Michael Parish offers an online giving service that provides many benefits for our parishioners. There's no need to write checks, you can give even when you are away from home, and you can easily specify the amount from wherever you are. You can access St. Michael's online giving service through this link.

Automated Giving

Many people enjoy the modern convenience, safety and reliability of making automatic deposits or transactions through the automated banking system. Now you can make weekly or monthly stewardship contributions through the St. Michael Automated Offering Plan. Simply complete this form and we will do the rest. It's safe, easy and absolutely free.


At St. Michael Catholic Church, many of our members choose to donate regularly using their offertory envelopes. We send those members envelopes for use every month and include envelopes for Holy days and special collections. Call us at (919) 468-6100 or drop by the parish office to register in the parish and request envelopes. 

Second Collections

St. Michael Catholic Church has many second collection opportunities throughout the year. If you are interested in taking advantage of supporting any of these worthy causes, please click HERE for the 2020 schedule. To donate, you can give via envelope, basket (in church), or online HERE.

Online Giving - Switching from WeShare to Realm

We have changed the way we accept online giving contributions for existing recurring online donors with WeShare, and we need your help! Our new site, Realm, it is easier for you to give.

The new online giving will require that your current recurring contributions be re-scheduled. You will have to create a password to be able to create your recurring. You can click on the link below and create your password. Once you are in, it will ask you for Name, Address, Birth date, Phone and Gender. Then you go to the Giving tab and you will be able to start your recurring.

Or, if you already have created your account with Realm, please use the following link to log in: Once you are logged in, you will be able to start your new recurring contribution.

To ensure that your contributions continue as you intend and you aren’t doubling your donation, you will have to delete your recurring with WeShare, our old site at

Please complete these steps by December 31, 2020 as we hope to transfer completely off our old system soon. We appreciate your generous support to our Parish. Thank you for taking a few moments to update your giving information.

If you have any questions, please contact Alma Logue at the Church office at 919-468-6176 or [email protected].

Catholic Steward Tuition Rate Criteria

Are you registering a student for the upcoming year at either Cardinal Gibbons, St. Michael School or St. Michael Preschool?

St. Michael Catholic families seeking “Registered Catholic Steward” rate must complete our Parish Stewardship Form online in order to potentially obtain the Catholic steward tuition rate designated for active parishioners.

If you are registering for the 2020/2021 school year, the online form can be found HERE.

If you are registering for the 2021/2022 school year, the online form can be found HERE.

  • Registered: The family must be registered for at least three (3) months at St. Michael Catholic Church.  If you are a member of other Catholic Churches, including St. Andrew in Apex and Mother Teresa Mission, fill out the “Other Parishes Stewardship Form.” If you are new to the area within the last 3 months, or moving in to the area, the “Other Parishes Stewardship Form” should be submitted to your previous parish to verify that you were a registered, active, and contributing member of that parish.
  • Active: Active parishioners should attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.  In addition, they volunteer their time and talent with St. Michael Schools and Church ministries. For families, whose children attend Cardinal Gibbons High School, only volunteering at St. Michael Parish will be considered for the steward tuition rate. 
  • Contributing: Parishioners should demonstrate financial support through identifiable offertory gifts through envelopes, checks or electronic giving (auto draft / online giving / text to give). Cash gifts are identifiable only when they are submitted in the family’s offertory envelopes.

2018-2019 EOY Report to the Parish

2020 Bishop's Annual Appeal

St. Michael the Archangel (Cary, NC)

Our goal for 2020:


Please click this button to find out more information about the BAA, including how to give.

What does the BAA do? Check out these videos produced by the Diocese of Raleigh to find out!


Bishop's Annual Appeal - Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama


Connecting the Church - Fr. Michael Burbeck


Raising Servant Leaders - Fr. Scott McCue


Bishop's Annual Appeal - Fr. Rafael Leon


Bishop's Annual Appeal - Fr. Phil Hurley, S.J.


Bishop's Annual Appeal - Fr. Steve Patti


Bishop's Annual Appeal - RCIA


As you all likely well know, the BAA is a yearly initiative that we, as a parish in the Diocese of Raleigh, are required to support. This year, we have the second-largest BAA goal among all parishes in the Diocese. This is no easy amount, nearly half of a million dollars to raise! But, as an overflowing parish of members looking to serve its community, we must look at this goal with great pride and responsibility. By the grace of God, we are called to give back from our blessings. And while this initiative does great work for many different ministries within our Diocese, here in Cary it may not always seem close to home. I would like to draw your attention to one (among many) major gift that we can tangibly see, however, and that is our parochial vicar, Father Noe! Fr. Noe was ordained a priest of this Diocese in 2019. He was previously a seminarian studying for the priesthood; the BAA directly supports our Raleigh seminarians.

And so, again in 2020, we humbly ask you to please pray for the Bishop's Annual Appeal. That should always be our first response to any decision in life, financial or not. Pray for its success; pray for the many people, resources, and missions that it supports. Pray for Bishop Luis Rafael Zarama as he leads our flock. And finally, pray to see how God is calling you to help St. Michael reach its BAA goal in 2020. We thank you, and may God bless you.

-Jeremy Fehlman, Coordinator of Communication