Sacramental Records Request

Any member of the Christian faithful has a right to obtain a certificate of a sacrament he or she has received and which was recorded in a parish sacramental register. Only that person, the parents of a minor, one with legal guardianship of another, a pastoral minister at another Catholic parish, or a diocesan official has this right. If the person is deceased, the spouse or adult child may also request the record. Once an adoption has been completed, only the adoptive parents have a right to the child's certificate until the child reaches the age of maturity.


Name on Record

Sacramental Record Requested (EX: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist or Marriage)

Date of Sacrament Requested

Birth Date, City/State of Birth

Father's Name, Mother’s maiden name

If Marriage Certificate is requested, please note: The Name of Bride (First and Maiden Name), Groom’s First and Last Name, and date of marriage.

If you would like this information forwarded to a church or school, please provide the name, address and email address of the church or school you would like to receive this information and if you are requesting a hard copy certificate of electronic document.

Submit request by email to Mary DiSano at [email protected]. All written requests for sacramental records must also contain substantiating information (e.g. name of parents, date of birth) so that legitimacy of the request can be ascertained. Please include your name, mailing address and phone number with your request. Please allow 7 business days for requests to be filled.