Reopening Plan


We are keeping our schedule unchanged for this weekend, May 30/31.
  • Confessions will again be held on Saturday, May 30 from 2 - 4pmPlease bring and wear your own masks; volunteers will be present again to assist with direction. Fr. Noe is out of town, Msgr. Doug will hear confessions in Spanish in his place.
    • The line for confessions will be outside the side entrance on the choir side of the church instead of outside the main entrance. This will allow the penitents to wait underneath the colonnade near the Columbarium and not directly in the sun.
    • If you are attending confession and choose to park in the parking lot where outdoor Masses will be held, please kindly move your vehicle by 4:15pm.
  • Weather permitting, outdoor Masses will be held on Saturday, May 30 at 5pm in English and 7pm in Spanish in the parking lot near the Parish Center and Columbarium.
    • At this time, the obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still waived by the Diocese.
    • If there is inclement weather, a message will be sent out via Realm and will be posted on the parish website by 2:00pm on Saturday, May 30 to indicate that outdoor Masses have been canceled.
      • If outdoor Masses are canceled, Mass will be moved inside the church and will be livestreamed at 5pm and 7pm but will not be open to the public.
    • Please bring and wear a mask if attending Mass. Please also bring your own chairs.
    • Holy Communion will be distributed during Mass as opposed to after Mass ends; more detailed instruction will be given during Mass.
    • At this time, we will continue to livestream Sunday Masses at 10:30am and 2:15pm...these Masses are still closed to the public.