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We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this excellent resource and learn more about your faith so that you not only live it out more deeply but also share it with others.

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CATHOLIC VIDEOS: Created and donated by St. Michael Parishioner

Chuck Elms joined St. Michael in 2008 and spent about 8 years creating the four videos below.  With our support and gratitude, he has donated this work of love for others to enjoy.

h4578ivtpj3wv2nydg4m5q9idyl.png Confession Rosary

The Holy Eucharist. The Mass – Heaven on Earth

Confession, The Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation

The Holy Rosary The Stations of the Cross


STEWARDSHIP REPORTS: Click on the report image to download a copy of the report

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PARISH NEWSLETTERS: Click on the report image to download a copy of the newsletter

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