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Giving During the Coronavirus

Dear Parishioners:

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting every member of St. Michael Parish, as well as all parochial and financial operations.  This situation continues to develop rapidly as new directives and other actions are being shared by the CDC, the White House, Governor Cooper, and the Bishop of the Diocese of Raleigh. As a standing member of the St. Michael Finance Council and many other Parish advisory committees, I also wanted you to know that, first and foremost, these advisory bodies will do everything in their power to better address your concerns and needs. The Finance Council is working hard to lessen the effects of the coronavirus on the financial operations of our church and school. The Council is taking the following measures to insure the continued health of the Parish and our finances:

  • Coordinating with Parish Finance staff to closely monitor the impact of the coronavirus on parishioners as well as offertory collections, payroll, and the general operation of our Church and Schools to assist those with various needs.
  • Bringing to completion previously approved capital projects including the Columbarium and upgrades to building access and control.
  • Suspending any new capital projects until their financial feasibility can be re-evaluated later.
  • Securing financial resources required for vital Parish services including the operation of the St. Michael Schools.

The Finance Council and I are hopeful that our Parish financial situation will remain solvent after the current crisis passes. However, major financial challenges will most certainly arise. Complicating the situation is that, as I pointed out in my earlier messages to our Parish community, the Parish relies solely on the generosity of our committed parishioners to pay its bills. However, the forced suspension of Masses and other Parish activities amid the coronavirus outbreak has made the collection of gifts more challenging. A substantial drop in collections will seriously limit the Parish’s ability to reach the poor and others in need. It will also slow Parish efforts to engage other charitable works while the demands from our community will significantly increase due to the coronavirus. Finally, it will also most certainly hinder our ability to plan for future capital projects.

I would like to encourage you to continue to take advantage of the livestreaming of the weekend and daily Masses. I also urge you to continue your financial contributions that will help the entire Parish, along with those in the communities we serve, weather this crisis. To learn how to make contributions from home, please visit the Parish website at and look for the blue “Give Online” button on the home page.

Lastly, I ask you not to forget to share with me and my staff ways in which we can better listen to and address parishioners needs. Additionally, if you are willing to talk to senior members of our parish, willing to pray together as a group for those who are asking for prayers, and comfort those who are alone, please send me your contact information. As a community, now is the time to grow more closely to one another, not to drift further away. We need strong volunteers who are willing to grow new ideas of reaching out to those in need and those who are currently isolated among us.

On behalf of the entire St. Michael Parish, we pray that you and your family stay safe and healthy.

God Bless,

Monsignor Doug Reed, Pastor

[email protected]

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