Elementary Faith Formation (K-5)

Elementary Faith Formation

Orientation Video click here


For the 2020-2021 year, St. Michael will be offering at-home Family Faith Formation and Sacramental Preparation for our families.

Families will receive materials to work on at-home each month.  The materials will be returned the next month and then receive the materials for the next month.  Faith Formation staff and volunteers will be available after the 8am and 11am masses (9am-1pm) in the Parish Center.

Face coverings and social distancing will be observed during all gatherings.




Sunday, August 30, 2020 Orientation

Sunday, September 13 Packet Pickup

Sunday, October 4 Drop-off and Pickup

Sunday, November 1 Drop-off and Pickup

Sunday, December 6 Drop-off and Pickup

Sunday, January 10, 2021 Drop-off and Pickup

Sunday, February 7 Drop-off and Pickup

Sunday, March 7 Drop-off and Pickup

Sunday, March 28 Drop-off and Pickup

Sunday, April 25 Drop-off and closing


Our curriculum is based on the Sunday Gospel and we encourage you to complete your lessons as a family in partner with the Sunday Mass.

Please note: Students in Sacramental Preparation, including Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation, will have additional family workshops at the monthly drop-off and pick up dates at St. Michael.  There will be a 30 minute session after the 8am and 11am masses in the Church.  These will also be available via live-stream and onsite as safely allowed by the CDC and NCDHHS guidelines.  



Dates:  Aug. 8-30 

Cost: $30 per student, $75 family maximum

No family is denied formation due to inability to pay.  Please contact our Faith Formation Staff if you would like more information.

Registration is currently closed for Sacramental Preparation years.  For all other programs, please call the Laura Coronilla at 919-468-6131 to register. 

*Please have your child’s Baptism Certificate available for registration, electronic (scanned or pictures) or hard copies are acceptable.


Our curriculum is also available fully online by request.


First Communion 2020

Thank you to all of our families for their patience and willingness to comply with our safety protocols.  Our First Communion masses were celebrated during the month of August with our new pastor, Father Michael Burbeck. To view pictures, please click on the links below.

---Gospel Weeklies--
How to Teach Gospel Weeklies at Home


We will update this section with links to current Gospel Weeklies starting September 13th.


Resources from our Publisher:

  • A Resources for Families page is available from our publisher, Pflaum. It includes The Gospel at Home with a short description of the Sunday Gospel and suggested activities and discussion starters for each age level. 

--Additional Resources: FORMED.org--



--General Information--

The Elementary Faith Formation program at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church is a family centered program that serves children and families from kindergarten through 5th grade. It is family centered in that the goal is to assist parents in the faith formation of their children. At Baptism parents take an oath to raise their children in the faith. The Church tells us that the parents are the first and best teachers of their children in matters of faith. Our role as catechists is to not only teach the children, but support the ongoing faith formation of the parents.


--All are Welcome!--

The National Catholic Partnership on Disability has a series of YouTube videos on Understanding Autism.  This is a great resource for parents and catechists working to do the best for children in their care who have been diagnosed with Autism.  We also want our St. Michael the Archangel parish congregation to be more conscious of, and be more welcoming to, those with disabilities in their midst.  

Autism Awareness:  A person with Autism has a medical condition that may impair his or her ability to communicate with others.  A person with Autism may have behaviors that appear to be unpredictable or inappropriate.  On the surface, it may appear that this person is misbehaving when, in reality, it is his or her own way of dealing with the world.

--Staff Contact Information--

Jeannine Hughes, Coordinator: Elementary Faith Formation 
[email protected]