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Vocations Week 2020 - Deacon Mark Westrick's Story

November 1-7, 2020 is Vocations Awareness Week, and to celebrate, we are highlighting a few of our parishioners who have accepted God's call in their lives, whether as priests, deacons, seminarians, religious brothers and sisters, or married couples. We hope that these stories inspire you to reflect on your own vocation!

Today we are excited to share with you how God's call to Deacon Mark Westrick wasn't just one call, but many.

"After 10+ years, there are still times I cannot comprehend how I got to where I am. I don’t suppose my “calling” was one obvious call. Rather, I heard a series of callings that lead me along to my path towards ordination. Similar to my vocation of marriage, I went on one date, then another, then more until I was married. With my Diaconate vocation, I said yes to sponsoring a boy for Confirmation, which lead to saying yes to being a chaperone for the Confirmation retreat, which lead to saying yes to teaching Confirmation classes for over 10 years. One yes, leads to another, until I am where I am now. Ordained over 10 years and working full time for St. Michael parish. I’m also celebrating my 32nd year of marriage this week. I believe I’m a perfect example of how God works His wonders through others. I don’t need to always know what to do or say, I just need to be willing to pray and to listen to God’s guidance, and to trust in Him."

We're so thankful you said yes to all of those callings, Deacon Mark, especially the one that led you to St. Michael's!

Do you feel God calling you to the diaconate? Learn more about the Diocese of Raleigh's permanent diaconate program here.


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