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STM Picks: Holy Week Traditions

Holy Week is just a few days away, and we asked our community for their favorite Holy Week traditions, besides attending Masses/services. If you're looking for some inspiration of how to mark this holiest of weeks, we've got you covered!

"Watching the Passion of the Christ."

"My family always eats tuna noodle casserole on Good Friday, so now I associate that meal with that day."

"We always visit the Blessed Sacrament at three different churches on Holy Thursday, to emulate being with Jesus in the Garden."

"I grew up having Polish Easter so during Holy Week we would do a big preparation for our Easter meal by prepping the golabkis (stuffed cabbage) and the like. Easter was always so special because of that. I've carried on my grandmother's tradition in our family and make a bunch of Polish food."

"Watch movies, we started Jesus of Nazareth. And in my country we went to mass and participated in the 'Nazareno' procession."

"Participating in Stations of the Cross at church followed by Holy Thursday Mass. On Good Friday, praying the rosary, no work, fasting and watching Passion of the Christ."

"Living Stations of the Cross by StMS 8th Grade."

What is your favorite Holy Week tradition? Let us know in the comments!


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