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Embracing the Desert: A Lenten Journey

This Lent, we’re inviting you into the desert for 40 days with Jesus. Our natural inclination when we reach a “desert” in our life – when our faith feels dry, barren, and lifeless – is to resist it and seek to get out as fast as we can, either by being reassured of God’s presence or abandoning ship altogether. But what if this Lent we embraced the desert instead of resisting it? What if we allowed ourselves to feel the barrenness and bring it to Jesus, walking with Him through it and seeing what He wants us to take out the other side?

One way we invite you to do that is to share your deserts with us. We’d love to feature your witness story of journeying through the desert in your faith – maybe it was the loss or illness of a loved one, an unexpected life change, or even just simply falling away for a while. Maybe it was decades ago and you can see how God was working in your life through the dry spell, or it’s a desert you’re still walking through and struggling with.

Whatever your desert is, we want to embrace it with you. Our communications coordinator, Emily, will be sharing an example later this week so you know what to expect (find it here). Please consider sharing your story with us, especially if this isn’t something you’d normally do. Consider it a Lenten challenge to be bold and vulnerable with your fellow parishioners. Let’s inspire one another with our desert stories so that we can come out the other side this Lent with a renewed sense of community and strength.

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