Preschool Tuition

Preschool Tuition

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The facilities of St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church, of which the Preschool is an integral part, are the result of hard work and sacrifice contributed by parishioners.  It is ongoing contributions of time, talent, and treasure – acts of STEWARDSHIP – that make it possible for a community the size of St. Michael Parish to grow and thrive.  

Accordingly, a discounted rate of tuition, or “Stewardship Family rate” is offered to active members of St. Michael Parish. In order to qualify for the Stewardship Family rate, each family must have a current Time, Talent, and Treasure form from the Parish Office.

2017-2018 Tuition Rates

Developmental Kindergarten or Five Day 4’s
Full tuition: $3540/year – Stewardship family:  $3000

4-Day Four-Year-Old Program
Full tuition:  $2830/year – Stewardship family:  $2400

3-Day Four-Year-Old
Full tuition:  $2130/year – Stewardship family:  $1800

3-Day Three-Year-Old
Full tuition:  $2545/year – Stewardship family:  $2155

2-Day Three-Year-Old
Full tuition:  $1690/year – Stewardship family:  $1440

2-Day Two-Year-Old Program
Full tuition:  $2010/year – Stewardship family:  $1700

The first tuition payment will be collected by June 5. This is a non-refundable payment. Tuition payment options include: 

  • Tuition may be paid in full by June 5
  • Paid in two payments on June 5 and December 5
  • Or paid in ten monthly payments beginning June 5. Monthly payments are due June 5 through April 5, with no payment in July. Automated tuition payment processing is available. If you would like to initiate automatic monthly payments, please fill out the Automatic Payment Authorization Form and return it to the St. Michael Preschool Office.