Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council

Mission Statement & Purpose

St. Michael the Archangel is a worshiping servant community dedicated to stewardship, social justice and ministering to our members and to the greater community in the image given to us by Jesus. This ministry is centered on the sacraments and our acts of faith, hope, and charity.

The Pastoral Council in the Code of Canon Law is a structure of consultation and consensus. It is a planning council; not a coordination council. It is where cooperative planning occurs, rather than the coordination of the various tasks required to implement this planning. In a word, the Pastoral Council is a consultative planning group, planning the mission of the parish church with the Pastor. The consultation of the Pastoral Council is essential in the parish's decision-making process, but the Pastoral Council is not the parish's decision-maker. The Pastoral Council should promote every apostolic activity through which the parish discharges its common responsibility of making the Gospel known, of aiding men, women, and children to live holy lives, and of furthering the mission of Christ. For this reason, all boards, commissions, and committees of the parish, except the Finance Council and School Advisory Council, are responsible to the Pastoral Council.

Members of the Pastoral Council

Msgr. Doug Reed

Fr. James Labosky

Fr. Edisson Urrego

Alicia Acuna

Diego Almeida

Michelle Conde

Angelita Espinal

Jim Farrell

Patrice Guidry

Ellen Lawson

Eric Miller

Frank Norton

Adriana Polcaro - Chair

Carlton Saul

Olivia Seitz

Michael Tylee