Parish Staff


Fr. Doug Reed

Rev. Msgr. Doug Reed, Pastor

(919) 468-6100



Msgr. John Wall

Rev. Msgr. John A. Wall, Pastor Emeritus



Fr. Ryan Elder

Rev. Ryan Elder, Parochial Vicar

(919) 468-6100



Fr. John Jairo Granados

Rev. John Jairo Granados, Parochial Vicar

(919) 468-6157



Rev. Daniel Oschwald


Rev. Daniel Oschwald, Administrator Mother Teresa of Calcutta Mission

(919) 468-6100




Dcn. Patrick Pelkey

Deacon Patrick Pelkey

(919) 469-8478



Dcn. Terry Mancuso

Deacon Terry Mancuso

(919) 468-6100



Dcn. Byron Champagne

Deacon Byron Champagne

(919) 468-6100



Brian Phillips website

Deacon Brian Phillips

(919) 468-6100


Parish Office Staff

Norma Powers

Norma Powers, Executive Administrator

(919) 468-6102



Leslie Stironek

Leslie Stironek, Director of Sacramental Life

(919) 468-6103



Dcn. Mark Westrick

Deacon Mark Westrick, Sr. Director of Ministry and Formation

(919) 468-6108



Justin Fletcher, Youth Minister

(919) 468-6163




Lilian Lopez

Lilian Lopez, Associate Director Pastoral Care/Campus Scheduling

(919) 468-6173




Thomas Mitchell, Associate Director of Information Technology

(919) 468-6161



Larry McAnallen

Larry McAnallen, Sr. Director Stewardship & Advancement

(919) 468-6180



Susan Washburn

Susan Washburn, Director Communications

(919) 468-6140


Bill Ciavarra

Bill Ciavarra, Director of Facilities

(919) 468-6146


Martie Smith

Martha Smith, Hispanic Ministry Assistant

(919) 468-6145


Parish Business Office

Joanne White

Joanne White, Business Manager

(919) 468-6128



Catherine Embry

Catherine Embry, Finance Administration - Accounts Receivable Specialist

(919) 468-6149



Alma Logue

Alma Logue, Finance Administration

(919) 468-6176



Cindy Linville

Cindy Linville, Finance Administration - Accounts Payable Specialist

(919) 468-6104


Ministry and Formation Staff

Mary DiSano

Mary DiSano, Director of Adult and Family Programs

(919) 468-6134



Jeanne Caruso-Lewin

Jeanne Caruso-Lewin, Associate Director of Middle and High School Faith Formation

(919) 468-6131



Martha Waltersdorf

Martha Waltersdorf, Associate Director of Elementary Faith Formation

(919) 468-6120




Liz Jones

Liz Jones, Finance Administration - General Ledger Specialist

(919) 468-6132



Lida Wong

Lida Wong, Associate Director of Hispanic Faith Formation

(919) 468-6111


Music and Liturgy Staff

Wayne Cusher

Wayne Cusher, Sr. Director of Music and Liturgy

(919) 468-6107


Diane Williams

Diane Williams, Assistant for Music and Liturgy

(919) 468-6144


St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School


Tara Navarro, School Principal

(919) 468-6152




Michelle Giannini, Assistant Principal and Director of Admissions

(919) 468-6168


St. Michael Early Childhood Center

Mariana Toscano

Marianna Toscano, Director of Preschool

(919) 468-6110




Michele Lanuti, Administrative Assistant

(919) 468-6110