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Parish Office



804 High House Road

Cary, North Carolina 27513


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(919) 468 - 6100



(919) 468 - 6130


Office Hours

Monday                   11a.m. to 7pm                   
Tues-Wed-Thurs     8a.m. to 5pm                  
Friday                      8a.m. to 3pm

Bulletin Announcements
Announcements should be sent to the Parish Office by 12:00 pm the Monday prior to the weekend you want your announcement to appear in the bulletin.  If a holiday falls during this time, we will need the information by 5pm on Thursday -10 days prior to the bulletin.

Flyers and Posters
All flyers and posters need to be approved by the office staff.  After your flyer is approved, our volunteer bulletin stuffers will arrive on Friday morning to stuff the flyers in the bulletin. 

Pulpit Announcements
Announcements to be made at the weekend liturgies should be sent to the Parish Office by 5:00 pm on Tuesday.  The announcement should be a brief summary of an immediate event that is important to the parish at large.  General information is published in the bulletin.  There is no guarantee that a verbal announcement can be made due to the many other aspects of the Mass.

Funerals and Wakes
Funerals are arranged through our Emergency number at 368-0150 or our Pastoral Care at 468-6108 or 468-6142. 

Use of Facilities
To book a general meeting call 468-6102 to make arrangements.  If you need food service or large event arrangements, you need to speak with our Director of Facilities at 468-6128 before any dates can be reserved. 

Flowers for the Church
To order flowers for the weekend Mass, call the Parish Office at 468-6102.  Arrangements are placed in front of the Altar and in front of the Ambo.  Cost is $75 per arrangement and a message can be placed in the bulletin with your name.