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African Ancestry Ministry and Evangelization Ministry (AAMEN)

Contact: Renay Ceasar

Ministry Description:

    The Saint Michael African Ancestry Community is a ministry for gathering and involvement of the local African Ancestry community in activities, prayer and social events. The ministry is the Saint Michael chapter of the diocesan African Ancestry Ministry and Evangelization Network(AAMEN). This ministry strives to support Saint Michael and the diocese by establishing an active African Ancestry Community.

What this ministry can do for you:

    This ministry is focused on creating a vibrant African Ancestry Community at Saint Michael to involve both the Saint Michael and the Raleigh Diocese communities in activities especially related to the parishioners who are of African descent - both recently arrived Africans and African Americans. We use the term African Ancestry to refer to both groups. The ministry is a rewarding experience as you contribute your time and talent to AAMEN efforts.

Membership Profile:

Everyone in the St. Michael Community is welcome--regardless of ancestry.

Age Group:

    There is no age limitation for participation. The diocese has programs for all age groups and we encourage participation in both the Saint Michael community as well as the diocesan community.


3nd Fridays of Each Month - check bulletin calendar for exceptions

  • Agenda: Regular Meeting - These meetings are for the entire family!
  • Subscribe to AAMEN distribution list below for details about each meeting
  • Time: 7pm - 9pm
  • Location: Trinity Center Multipurpose Room
  • A list of our future meetings can be reviewed here

Come Join Us:

We have an internal website that contains information for St. Michael AAMEN members. This site is St Michael Chapter of AAMEN. At this site you will find information about our aamen distribution list which you can sign up for to join us at our meetings. We use this list to send details about upcoming events.

Please visit this site to sign up for our distribution list and to obtain more details about us.

Additional Information:

For additional information such as the time of the Monthly African Masses please visit the official diocesan AAMEN website.

There is also an informational website that is not an official diocesan website that is maintined by AAMEN members. This website is called DORAAMEN - Diocese of Raleigh AAMEN. This site has additional information about AAMEN events on the diocesan level.

 Please visit this site as well to obtain more details about us. Thanks and God Bless!

Last Published: November 24, 2014 5:09 PM